Kara Betts has worked in the EdLF Department for five years

Kara Betts has worked in the Educational Leadership and Foundations Department for five years, which some say is an office record for student employees. She has been a secretary since 2012 and will graduate in April with a degree in statistics. She has built strong relationships with her office coworkers and department faculty.

“She is hardworking and very smart,” said department secretary Michele Price. “She is willing to help out in any way that she can, and because of her experience, you can ask her almost any question about the department and she will know the answer.”

Betts first heard about the position in 2012 from her mom, who knew some of the faculty members. She told Betts that she would really enjoy working with them. Betts also discovered that she too knew a few of the faculty members, which made her decision to start working in the EdLF office easier.

As time went on, she started to admire the quality of the faculty and staff she was working with.

“I was really impressed with how nice everyone was here when I began working,” said Betts. “Everyone cares about you and is interested in your life. They all ask me about my school and my future plans, which helps me know that they care.”

She quickly became friends with Bonnie Bennett, who retired last year. Bonnie would bring her breakfast in the mornings. She would also text Betts during the summers when she was studying abroad or working at an internship.

On one occasion, Cliff Mayes, who also recently retired, taught Betts how to play the guitar. He would bring his guitar to work so that they could have jam sessions during their breaks.

“There have been a lot of little acts of kindness that have made my decision to stay here so much easier,” Betts recalled. “Sterling Hilton had a really expensive statistic textbook in his office that I needed for a class, and he just let me use it the whole semester. He saved me 200 dollars. Another close friend is Pam Hallam. If we are leaving work at the same time, she will often drive me back to my apartment so I don’t have to walk, especially if it’s bad weather.”

Besides developing quality relationships within the department, Betts is also known for her high quality of work and vast knowledge of the department.

“[Betts'] dedication to do a good job is very impressive,” said coworker Claire Lewis. “She always makes sure to put forth her best work. She is always looking for more things to work on and shows true dedication to her performance as an employee.”

During her time here, she has developed friendships with everyone, no matter their background.

“I’ve learned to appreciate working with people with diverse backgrounds in different areas of studies,” Betts said. “I’ve learned that everyone has something to contribute and can value everyone.”

Betts will be graduating this April and is preparing for a career in the FBI. She is a native of Mapleton, Utah, and is studying statistics at BYU.

By Jake Taylor