Four disciplines cross paths in this collaborative new minor

Creative people come in many forms: visual innovators, creative problem solvers, coding connoisseurs—and the list goes on. You don’t have to be an expert in all of these fields if you want to make a difference.

The design thinking minor—which will be available for the first time this fall—will bring four disciplines together. Students and faculty from the Instructional Psychology and Technology Department, the Department of Design, the Department of Experience Design and Management, and the School of Technology will use design principles in creating scalable solutions and solving industry problems in a truly collaborative environment.

The 15-credit minor includes nine credits outside of major disciplines, giving students a rare chance to engage with projects and problems that are outside of their major and to learn skills that employers seek.

Career paths that value design thinking skills include user experience design, instructional design, event/experience design, and design thinking strategy. Employers in technology, fine arts, business, and education all value and practice elements of design thinking.

Interested students from any major can register for one of the introductory classes—TECH 112 or DES 117—during fall registration this March. Students will also need to declare the minor through their academic advisor.

For more information, visit or contact the Education Advisement Center at (801) 422-3426.


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Students brainstorming

Writer: Jake Gulisane

Contact: Cindy Glad (801) 422-1922