Aspiring School Leaders Week in Nebo School District introduces teachers to the world of administration.

Twice a year Utah’s Nebo School District hosts Aspiring School Leaders Week in the district office for teachers pursuing degrees in school administration. During the week the teachers meet with administrators with various positions in the district office to learn more about their responsibilities.

According to David Rowe, who handles administrator support for the district, many teachers pursuing degrees in school leadership want to shadow administrators in the district office. The school district decided it would be most beneficial to these teachers to have a chance to observe several administrators.

The week also gives prospective leaders a chance to interact with the people in the district office and ask them questions. The goal is to provide a deeper experience than they could do by job-shadowing one person.

“It helps them get to know the people behind the positions and understand them at a personal level,” said Rowe. “They are able to quickly build a broader view of what the district is all about.”

The program has been beneficial to the school district by allowing the current administrators to meet potential hires.

Kristin Ontiveros, who participated in the Aspiring School Leaders Week in 2014, appreciated the opportunity to network and ask questions. “I would recommend it to all administrative candidates,” she said.

Liz Reynolds, who also attended, explained that her time in the district office gave her a better sense of how administration functions. “I understood better what the goals and constraints are at the district office,” she said. “That’s helpful when you are making decisions about what to do at a school.”

Writer: Kirsten Clancy

Contact: Cynthia Glad (801) 422-1922