Ryan Nixon

Ryan Nixon


Associate Professor



Contact Information

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Office: 206-M MCKB

Phone: 801-422-4803

Email: rynixon@byu.edu

I teach future teachers how to teach science. I love helping teachers think about ways to engage students in thinking about important science concepts. By doing this, teachers can help students to understand the world around them and to see the world as a more amazing place.

In order to assist teachers in helping students reach these goals, I research teachers' science subject matter knowledge. I'm interested in whether, and how, teachers learn the science concepts they teach through their teaching experience. I'm also interested in exploring ways of helping teachers to develop their science subject matter knowledge as they teach. My work also focuses on how these issues intersect with challenges teachers face when teaching new subjects, whether from being assigned to teach a new grade level or being assigned to teach out-of-field.