G.E. Kawika Allen

G.E. Kawika Allen


Assistant Professor



Contact Information

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Office: 273 MCKB

Phone: 801-422-2620

Email: gekawika_allen@byu.edu

Website: education.byu.edu/polypsi

Professor Allen received his BS in speech/organizational communication and his MS in counseling psychology at the University of Utah. He then received his PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia (a top-ranked program) and completed his predoctoral clinical internship at Duke University. His research areas involve spiritual, cultural, and indigenous ways of healing in psychotherapy including culturally appropriate psychotherapies and interventions for underserved populations. Specifically, Professor Allen has focused much of his research on the intersections of religiosity/spirituality, coping/collectivistic coping, depression, anxiety, and psychological well-being/adjustment among Polynesians/Polynesian Americans. Professor Allen leads the Poly Psi Team research efforts involving not only Polynesian Psychology Research, but research across all BIPOC and minoritized groups. He is currently an associate professor in the counseling psychology doctorate program at Brigham Young University.