Students will be competent in normal anatomy and processes of language, speech, and hearing. Students will receive an introduction to disorders, instrumentation, and data collection procedures in language, speech, and hearing.

Bachelor's Degree in Communication Disorders

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Winter (15 credits)


Fall (15 credits)


Fall (13 credits)

Winter (13 credits)


Fall (13 credits)

Winter (13 credits)

Detailed Course List



  • Gain a mastery of the body structures that affect language, speech, and hearing.
  • Become familiar with disorders and the methods used to confront them, such as the use of technology to collect data.
  • Prepare to enter graduate degree programs in speech-language pathology.

Graduation Requirements

  • 58 major credits

Completing the undergraduate major means taking all the required courses (58 credit hours). At present, no additional requirements (senior thesis, comprehensive exam, minor, etc.) are required.

Detailed List of Graduation Requirements

How to Apply

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  • Complete the Applicant Questionnaire which includes one short essay.
  • No paper applications are being taken this year. Please use the link above.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the ComD department office (136 TLRB, or the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB

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Course Sequence

* Please take the required courses in the sequence above. This ensures that all classes are in the correct order and you are learning all of the aspects of the Communication Disorders field: Speech, Language and Hearing.